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Engage Internship For-Credit Program

The Honors and Student Innovation Programs have partnered with

Engage to provide for-credit semester long internships. 

About the Program

The Engage Internship is an intense, year-round practicum and education program designed to enhance the higher education experience by employing undergraduate and graduate students on ambitious, long-term, large-scale, multidisciplinary project teams.

The program runs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, with around 15 students chosen every cohort across four tracks – Investments Analysts, Insights Analysts, Design and Communications Associates, and Operations Associates – with the expectation of committing 15-20 hours/week during the school year.

Modeled after the Vertically Integrated Projects Program (VIP), high-performing students are retained across multiple cohorts, with some students participating for up to two years. The program’s long-term nature provides the time and context for students to gain deeper insights into their respective tracks, learn and practice professional skills, and make substantial contributions to real-world projects. This further creates an environment of mentorship amongst the program staff and interns, with experienced students mentoring new members and moving into leadership roles as others leave or graduate.


Investments intern will gain an understanding of Engage’s investment thesis, what we look for, and our investment process. Interns will be assisting with all phases of this process: sourcing, screening, diligence, and closing. They may also assist with portfolio company reporting and partner communications and reports. Basic financial modeling and integrated financial statement proficiency, ability to write professional communications and reports, and interest in evaluating companies and industries are required.


Insights interns assist the Engage team in building deep-dive reports and thorough analyses on specific industry verticals and market trends that are relevant to corporate partners. They will research multiple sources to unearth unique solutions and diligence new startups in those spaces. Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, experience with conducting research and analysis on industry sectors and trends, and ability to produce written reports and deliver oral presentations are required. 


Design interns build graphics, presentations, signage, and other print/ web material that are consistent with Engage’s core values and brand guidelines. They also assist in creating video snippets, designing and producing swag, and assist with social media plans to curate a presence across different channels. Interns also consult on written and media content for the newsletter and website and assist with various projects. Experience with various Adobe products, video and photo capture and editing are required.


Operations interns will assist with logistics and set-up for the bi-annual Engage GTM program and other events by managing attendee lists, participate in planning and execution of conferences and receptions, and serve as a general resource for Engage founders, corporate partners, investor network, and community members. Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, and the ability to write professional communication and produce reports are required.

Student Stories

Operations Associate

“During my semester at this enterprise platform, I have been surrounded by many role models who were not only passionate about GT but were passionate about my personal success both academically and in the workplace.”

Katerina Addington

Insights Analyst

“I think my time at Engage helped me build an even greater sense of pride in my work. I think a big part of this pride is because of getting to work on a small, tight-knit team.”

Abhishek Mattipalli

Operations Associate

“My biggest takeaway from this internship is that people are everything in a company. It does not matter if it is a large Fortune 500 company or a small team of fourteen interns at Engage, if the people you work with does not provide value and work well with others a company can crumble.”

Maddie Roher

Investments Analyst

“I think that one of the greatest ways to hone your investment skills is simply the cycle of repetition and feedback. By getting exposed to a large number of potential investments at every stage of the process and receiving helpful feedback on ways to improve, I’ve learned a lot over the course of my internship.”

Roshan Soni

Insights Analyst

“The time during which we focused on sourcing was incredibly fruitful. It taught me about different technologies. It showed me how a VC thinks, and how to think like one. The time we spent on analyzing corporate partners taught us about large companies and problems they were facing. This work was placed in front of board members and founders. All the while, I was able to better my leadership.”

Yasho Singh

Design and Communications Associate

“Engage provided students an opportunity to build a portfolio of meaningful work relevant in graphic design and UIUX media design. Being a Design and Communications intern allowed me to seamlessly connect my interests and work with startups, partners, and corporations. It blossomed into a very special opportunity to work in a real world setting.”

Lee Lee Jiang

Design and Communications Associate

“One of the biggest concepts I took away from my work at Engage is dealing with text. Before my internship, I spent my time with graphic design avoiding text – my history in visual arts taught me that messages that can’t be communicated without text aren’t worth communicating. With practice and reinforcement from Nammy, my discomfort with text dissipated. I gained appreciation for typeface and layout nuances I hadn’t encountered before.”

Spencer McCray

Insights Analyst

“Engage offered a collaborative team setting and ample creative freedom to generate actionable insights that had tangible implications for the company. In particular, I gained a deeper insight into the working processes of the venture capital and startup world; I managed to refine my ability to effectively parse the world wide wild web to identify actionable information; and I learned valuable leadership lessons from working closely with the Insights team.”

Aidan Anderson

Investments Analyst

“Engage was my first experience where I wasn’t explicitly told what to do – there was no syllabus for me to follow, nor was there a grade I could use to assess my performance. Because of my immersion in such a professional environment, I was able to learn how to take ownership of my projects and how to collaborate within a team. I was able to learn how to ask for help when necessary, and, perhaps most importantly, I learned how to navigate and strengthen professional relationships.”

Tanya Iyer

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